Sports nutrition is one of the most important aspects of improving athletic performance. To achieve this, athletes must follow a diet that includes a balance of the three macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Getting this balance right on a daily basis can be quite time-consuming and more difficult than most think.

For a sport like soccer that has a lot of change in pace and intensity, your glycogen stores may be easily depleted. This is why your body needs thorough preparation as well as an excellent recovery in order to ensure you are at your peak come game time. The techniques involved in this plan differ when it comes to pregame vs postgame and rest days.

For instance, before a match, your intake should consist of carbohydrates such as rice with a mixture of a small amount of proteins, in order to avoid causing unwanted digestion problems. Remember this is a game that lasts a full 90 mins with only a single break! To find out more about how to schedule your meals as well as what meals to plan before game contact Performance food.

Fats are also a necessary source of nutrition, however, the high speed and agility of the sport is not exactly curtailed for a large emphasis on this particular macronutrient. Nevertheless, things to consider in this domain are low-fat dairy products, which are a great source of calcium, helping to build strong bones for those long-ranged kicks!

The optimal carbohydrate intake for soccer players tends to be about 2500-3000 calories. However, unless you are Cristiano Ronaldo and have a team of people working to ensure exact nutritional guidelines are followed, many players have a tough time reaching this level on their own. One practical solution to this problem is hiring a personal nutritionist and dietician, but who really has the money for that? Performance food is a company which circumvents this issue by preparing ready to go meals based on your specific needs and schedule.

Finally, one last tip is to make sure to always include minerals and vitamins in every meal. Fresh food is always more nutritious and contains a higher percentage of these essential micronutrients.

As the famous Arsenal soccer manager Arsene Wenger once said “Food is like kerosene. If you put the wrong one in your car, it’s not as quick as it should be.”

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