Choose what products fit your lifestyle and diet preferences



We cook your meals fresh and deliver them to your door. You save 6-10 hours a week on groceries and cooking.



Enjoy your meals! You can choose to pair with your workouts for even greater results.


save 6-10 hours a week on meal planning, groceries, and cooking.
tailored to your lifestyle and dietary needs. Vegan meals, and meals free of gluten or dairy
28 different meals within 2 weeks so you don’t get bored.
Meals designed by our certified nutritionist and cooked by our brand chef.
balance micro and macro nutrients in each meal. Balanced sodium (salt) levels per RDA recommendation.
great value- breakfasts starting at $7 and main courses from $10.85.

ActivEats offers fresh, pre-cooked and pre-portioned meals to fuel an active lifestyle and healthy eating. Our weight loss food delivery Toronto service can be the perfect meal delivery for those on a diet to lose weight.

If you’re looking for balanced meals that will assist with a healthy diet and weight loss, our calorie-based menus ensure that 1500 or 2000 calories per day will be perfect for you.

From a Superfood Quinoa Berry Bowl for breakfast at 350 cals to Pineapple Curry Salmon with Veggie Stir-fry and Rice for dinner at 490 cals, ActivEats’ is sure to satiate your craving while delivering the adequate amount of energy you need to get through the day in controlled portions. Everything can be delivered to your door through our diet meal delivery Toronto service.


Healthy Diet Meal Delivery Toronto Service to Counter Common Weight Loss Challenges

Weight loss diets can be tough because often, they are not sustainable; the food can be boring and diet plans are not be affordable.

ActivEats is a diet food delivery Toronto service that ensures every person eating our food gets balanced servings of macro and micronutrients while still maintaining a pre-determined calorie count each day – at reasonable prices. Our diet meal delivery Toronto service will give you control over your caloric intake, so you can focus on the physical activity you need for a healthy weight loss.

Our Fit (1500 calories per day) and Balance (2000 calories per day) categories are designed to be nutritious, without packing on unnecessary calories to your daily diet. ActivEats is also developing 1,200 and 3,000 calories per day categories for those with even more diverse daily caloric needs.

Our weight loss food delivery Toronto service prioritizes taste and flavour; our meals are designed to bring out delicious flavours from ingredients of the highest quality. ActivEats offers up to two weeks of no-repeat entrees. With so many menus to choose from – Vegan, Original, Free of Gluten & Dairy, five or seven days, with or without breakfast – you’ll never get bored.

With our meals starting at $99 for a week, we can offer you healthy weight loss meal delivery Toronto service for the whole week! Enjoy weight loss meals delivered to you at affordable prices!



People’s Choice for Diet Meal Delivery Toronto Services for a Healthy Weight Loss

Toronto boasts a productive economy, exciting energy, and a fast-paced lifestyle. Nearly three million residents of Toronto are constantly on the go. It can be difficult to slow down to cook, or even have a proper meal. With a bustling food and drink industry, it’s easy to hit the streets of Toronto. Of course, not everyone can afford to eat out every day. Not to mention that, more often than not, eating out contributes to unhealthy eating habits.

That’s where our weight loss food delivery Toronto service comes in for everyone in the Greater Toronto Area. Anyone in pursuit of a healthy weight loss will be pleased with our diet food delivery, which offers calorie-controlled meals that are still delicious and restaurant quality. Weekly meals start at $99 per week, so Toronto residents can enjoy healthy food daily without having to stick to a boring tofu menu or subscribing to expensive diet plans.

Our healthy diet meal delivery Toronto service makes sure that any Toronto resident’s refrigerator can be stocked with healthy eats for weight loss for up to ten days. Our food is never frozen. Microwave- and conventional oven-safe containers means that Torontonians can just heat and eat – without having to worry about their caloric intake each day.

To best serve the Greater Toronto Area, we offer free pickup at various locations across the GTA through Penguin Pickup locations. For a flat fee, we also deliver right to your door.


About Toronto

The combination of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle is a dominant theme in the city of Toronto.  With its dedication to fitness and recreation, the city of Toronto provides its nearly 3 million residents an infinite range of opportunities and facilities with which to maintain a sensible yet dynamic approach to health and wellness. Every spring and summer, thousands utilize the pristine walking trails and green spaces, where you will see them walking, roller-blading, or even enjoying impromptu flag football games.  The stunning golf courses are full of Torontonians practicing their swing every spring and summer, and the tiniest citizens can be seen keeping cool in the splash pads and swimming pools with their mothers and fathers. The city of Toronto boasts a plan for everyone, with year-round camps, educational and ecological programs, as well as child care to help busy parents find their best balance between work and rest. If colder pursuits are your thing, the city of Toronto has ski hills and multiple ice skating and hockey rinks of which to take your pick. Through these facilities and programs, the city of Toronto cultivates an atmosphere which emphasizes health and wellness for all its inhabitants, making diet meal delivery in Toronto the logical next step to ensure fitness and health for all. Whether in its over 40 fitness facilities, jogging on bike paths, or learning a new art form, the city of Toronto is dedicated to making the lives of its citizens better.

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