Choose what products fit your lifestyle and diet preferences



We cook your meals fresh and deliver them to your door. You save 6-10 hours a week on groceries and cooking.



Enjoy your meals! You can choose to pair with your workouts for even greater results.


save 6-10 hours a week on meal planning, groceries, and cooking.
tailored to your lifestyle and dietary needs. Vegan meals, and meals free of gluten or dairy
28 different meals within 2 weeks so you don’t get bored.
Meals designed by our certified nutritionist and cooked by our brand chef.
balance micro and macro nutrients in each meal. Balanced sodium (salt) levels per RDA recommendation.
great value- breakfasts starting at $7 and main courses from $10.85.

We all want to look after our bodies, either through getting more rest or eating better.  ActivEats vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton helps you achieve that by providing tasty recipes that are pre-cooked and ready to heat and serve.  All you have to do is enjoy. Vegetarians rejoice, our ActivEats vegetarian food delivery Brampton is here to make your lives easier.

With our vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton you can enjoy the door-to-door delivery of countless tasty, meatless meals: from our cauliflower wrap to our lotus and baby corn pea pilaf, we have meals designed to satisfy any and all vegetarian or vegan cravings.


ActivEats Vegetarian Meal Delivery in Brampton Meets ALL Your Dietary Needs…And Then Some

Our vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton serves meatless meals along with our regular menu, with options for 1500 calories per day, called the Fit plan, or 2000 calories daily, called our Balance plan. Not to worry, if you need more or less calories to meet your individual needs or fitness goals, our vegetarian food delivery in Brampton is also developing plans for people requiring 1200 calories AND 3000 calories daily. Our goal is to support everyone in their journey toward a fitter, more vibrant lifestyle.

As well as vegetarian and vegan menu plans, ActivEats vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton also offers meals that are gluten-free as well as dairy-free. Our vegetarian meal delivery Brampton has considered every possible need and angle for our clients and checked all of those boxes and more.  What could be better than amazing food, conveniently packaged and delivered right to your door.  When you order our vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton, you get great food at great prices and get more time for you.

At ActivEats vegetarian delivery Brampton, we know that the facts speak for themselves.  You can exercise until the cows come home, but unless you adjust your diet to fuel your body better, you won’t see the same results. At ActivEats vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton we realize that a healthy eating plan is an absolute must for anyone looking to become fit and stay healthy.

With our team of specialists, our vegetarian meal delivery takes care of the “diet” piece of your fitness puzzle…so you don’t have to.  We have a fitness consultant who knows what you need to eat to develop lean muscle and burn calories. Our knowledgeable nutritionist and our skilled chef work in tandem to create meals that will tickle your taste buds AND fuel your body the right way to get results. And finally, when you order our vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton our food safety specialist ensures you get food that is of the highest quality. If you want results, our vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton is the place to call.

The People Choose ActivEats Vegetarian Meal Delivery Brampton

Brampton is a city that is exploding in population and teeming with culture.  Always growing, the energy in this community keeps its inhabitants busy at work and play.  With this busy lifestyle, it is becoming harder and harder to find time to cook, let alone work out.  This is where our vegetarian delivery in Brampton can help. Dining out has become the new norm, but let’s face it, it costs more and more to eat out at restaurants.  And let’s not forget the sodium, fat and HUGE portions we consume when we dine out.  Our ActivEats vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton is the solution to your dining-out-dilemma.

Our meal sets offered with our vegetarian delivery Brampton start at as little as $99 weekly, and our vegetarian meal delivery Brampton prides itself on serving you amazingly fresh food that has never seen the inside of a freezer.  That’s right.  Never frozen.  It gets even better.  Our food will stay daisy-fresh for up to ten days in your refrigerator. Seriously.  Spend 10 minutes online with our vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton, eat for ten days.

Looking for dairy or gluten-free options?  ActivEats vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton has those.  Looking to save time?  How about this.  Our vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton delivers meals in microwave and oven-safe containers.  I. Kid. You. Not. Answer the door and throw them in the oven.  Take that time to read a book, take a dance class or just enjoy time with your kids!

If you are looking to feel better, have more energy, and more time for you and yours, try ActivEats vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton. Besides being nutritious and delicious, our ActivEats vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton is proud to deliver food that is additive and preservative-free, low in sodium and never uses artificial food coloring. If you want quality food at quality prices, our vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton is your go-to.

About Brampton

From its humble beginnings as a small village of only 50 inhabitants, Brampton has become the second fastest growing city in Canada.  Growing at a rate of nearly 14,000 new inhabitants each year, the city is a mecca for recreation and culture. Boasting over 25 community centres and 9 with arenas, there are recreational opportunities to whet any appetite.  ActivEats vegetarian meal delivery Brampton is a great complement to this dynamic city, conveniently offering a healthy and convenient diet choice designed to fuel a fit and active lifestyle.

If outdoors is your thing, Brampton is home to beautiful parks and heritage lands, including Chinguacousy Park.  Stretching over 100 acres and full of greenhouses and gardens, this lovely park clearly illustrates why Brampton used to be called the “Flower Town of Canada”.  It is this “stop and smell the roses” mentality that makes Brampton a perfect place for our vegetarian meal delivery Brampton. Why spend time cooking and cleaning when you can eat and go outside to enjoy all the beautiful city has to offer. In the summer you can golf at the Peel Village Golf Course, and in winter, you can work off the chill by skating on the outdoor ice path through Gage Park.

Brampton is not just about recreation. Home to over 200 different cultures, Brampton is diverse and welcoming, as shown by their CeleBrampton annual community festival to celebrate all the cultures and ethnicities of its citizens.  With two open air markets and an arts walk, Brampton has it all.  The only thing missing is our ActivEats vegetarian meal delivery in Brampton to make your life balanced and help you achieve a fitter, healthier you.

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