Vegan footwear is on the rise globally as more and more people become aware of the animal welfare concerns associated with real leather shoes. They are typically made with faux leather, synthetic materials, cork or microfiber.

When searching for vegan shoes in Toronto, it’s important to avoid footwear that is made from leather, suede, snakeskin, or kangaroo skin. Fortunately, we have a good selection of vegan shoes in Toronto. Here are the best places to get your hands on some high-quality, ethically sourced footwear.

Call It Spring

Call It Spring is a dedicated vegan footwear outlet that recently adopted a pledge to go completely free of animal skins, furs, and other products derived from animal sources. Not only is it one of the best choices for vegan footwear in Toronto, it also offers a wide array of ethically sourced bags and accessories.

Call It Spring has received PETA-approved endorsement for its animal-friendly products and all new products are animal-free. Their vegan pledge, however, started in Spring 2019, so some of the older footwear may not be vegan. Look out for a ‘V’ symbol to ensure you are purchasing vegan footwear. The brand has an online shop with a huge range of shoes for men and women – including dress shoes, sneakers, boots, and sandals.

Cool East Market

Cool East Market is located on Danforth Avenue and is among the elite of Toronto vegan shoes providers. Their brands include Xero Shoes, Lems, and Leguano, and they specialize in split-toe Tabi products – a comfortable Japanese style of outdoor footwear. In addition to their Tabi socks, they also sell the sturdier Jitakabi Boots that are specially imported from Japan and can be used for various types of martial arts.

Their Xero Barefoot Shoes range is perfect for running and provides a practical and comfortable fit for other outdoor activities – if you’re participating in one of the Toronto marathons, Xero shoes could be the choice for you. The Leguano Barefoot Shoes range is hand-made in Germany and offers an affordable and cozy option for vegan shoes in Toronto.


Imperative is a dedicated vegan clothes outlet located on Queen Street West. They provide men’s, women’s, and unisex vegan footwear in a variety of different styles. The shop was set up in 2016 with the main goal of making vegan clothing items more easily accessible to local residents.

Imperative has the motto ‘Veganism for Everybody’, as they want to create an atmosphere where both vegans and non-vegans can come together for the common good. When it comes to vegan shoes in Toronto, you can’t do much better than Imperative. All of their vegan footwear options are from brands that have pledged to end animal exploitation in all forms, such as Noize, Matt & Nat, and Wuxly.

Nice Shoes

Nice Shoes are a vegan footwear outlet that operates throughout the whole of North America. Their store for vegan footwear in Toronto is located on Adelaide Street West, and they provide an online delivery service too.

Nice shoes offer a great selection of vegan leather shoes for people of all ages and sizes. Their styles range from hiking and trail boots to sandals and sneakers. In addition to their footwear, they also offer a range of vegan belts, socks, accessories, and wallets that can make the perfect accompaniment to your vegan footwear purchase.

Fresh Collective

Fresh Collective is one of the leading fashion retailers in Toronto that has stores located on Queen Street East, Augusta Avenue, and Roncesvalles Avenue. The majority of their clothes are sourced from independent Toronto designers and other Canadian labels.

Although Fresh Collective is not a dedicated vegan clothing outlet, they have an impressive vegan leather shoes range that is provided by local ethically minded brands, such as Matt & Nat. Their online service offers free shipping to anywhere in Canada for orders over $150. It should be noted that the store specifically caters to women’s clothing.

Dr Martens

Dr Martens are an internationally renowned brand that has been making waves in the footwear industry ever since they were first founded in 1947 by Klaus Martens. In recent years, the brand has been encouraging their customers to make ethical purchases by introducing a wide range of vegan products. These include vegan leather shoes, boots, and sandals. They also have a nice range of vegan wallets, bags, and card holders.

To get your hands on some Dr Martens vegan shoes in Toronto, visit one of their stores on Queen Street West or Vaughan Mills.  


Is an American shoe manufacturer that specializes in athletic footwear. In Toronto, Saucony products can be found at all Sport Chek and Running Room outlets, and can also be purchased online directly from their store.

Saucony offers some of the comfiest vegan shoes in Toronto, and their Azura range is a popular choice among runners and athletes. For a slightly cheaper option, try their Jazz Low Pro Vegan range, which comes in a variety of different styles and colors and are lauded for their comfort and practicality.

Vegan Shoes in Toronto FAQs

Where to buy vegan shoes Toronto?

There are a number of options for purchasing vegan shoes in Toronto. For high-quality local brands, try shopping at Fresh Collective or Imperative. Other stores that provide vegan footwear include Cool East Market, Call It Spring, and Nice Shoes.

What shoe brands are vegan?

Some brands of shoes are dedicated vegan footwear providers, such as Matt& Nat, Ethletic, Veerah, and Susi Studio. Increasingly, though, some household name brands are offering more vegan footwear options. These include Dr Martens, Saucony, Adidas, and Reebok.

What is vegan footwear?

Vegan footwear is any type of footwear that is not made from animal materials or by-products – such as fur, leather, suede, or silk. Most vegan footwear is, instead, made from synthetic materials, faux leather, microplastics, and cork. A lot of people choose to wear vegan leather shoes instead of real leather shoes due to animal-welfare concerns. 

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