Choose what products fit your lifestyle and diet preferences



We cook your meals fresh and deliver them to your door. You save 6-10 hours a week on groceries and cooking.



Enjoy your meals! You can choose to pair with your workouts for even greater results.


save 6-10 hours a week on meal planning, groceries, and cooking.
tailored to your lifestyle and dietary needs. Vegan meals, and meals free of gluten or dairy
28 different meals within 2 weeks so you don’t get bored.
Meals designed by our certified nutritionist and cooked by our brand chef.
balance micro and macro nutrients in each meal. Balanced sodium (salt) levels per RDA recommendation.
great value- breakfasts starting at $7 and main courses from $10.85.

We offer vegan meal delivery Toronto services. We will deliver healthy vegan meals to your door in the Greater Toronto Area. What does vegan mean? Following a vegan diet or lifestyle means that a person does not use any animal products or animal-derived substances. To many, veganism is not only a diet but a lifestyle philosophy they follow in every part of life – not just the kitchen.

A lifestyle overhaul can be an overwhelming change for many, and this anticipated shift can be so intimidating that it turns people away from veganism.

ActivEats offers fresh, pre-cooked vegan meals designed to fuel healthy living and an active lifestyle. To those who follow a vegan diet, ActivEats offers its 1,500 and 2,000 calories per day meal sets in vegan as well as free of gluten and dairy.

 To anyone who is interested in “going vegan” but are a little reluctant, ActivEats can be the perfect introduction of delicious vegan meals for a whole week or even more, delivered right to your door.

Myths About Veganism and How Our Vegan Meal Delivery Toronto Service Counters Them

Some of the biggest misconceptions about veganism are that:

  • vegan diets are not sustainable for one’s health;
  • the diet consists of bland tofu after bland tofu; and
  • veganism is expensive.


Enter ActivEats, a vegan food delivery Toronto service.

ActivEats offers vegan menus to counter these myths. Gone are the days when a vegan diet means you can’t gain lean muscle, or that a vegan diet is not tasty, or too expensive to be eaten daily. By developing vegan menus alongside our original, non-vegan lineup, we make it easy to convert to a vegan diet – for as little as a week to try.

  • Our vegan menus are tailored to deliver 1,500 and 2,000 calories per day for five or seven days, which can be ordered independently or in combination to deliver more than a week’s worth of food. Breakfast can be included in the meal set.
  • We use tofu in only a few of our vegan meals – but our vegan recipes range from using tofu in a delicious Pad Thai dish to chili tacos made with lentils, juicy portobello mushroom steaks, to a playful General Tso dish made with cauliflower. We deliver flavour with each vegan meal.
  • Our vegan meal delivery starts at $99 per week with ActivEats. Although vegan restaurants are becoming more mainstream, many restaurants are still priced as if vegan is a luxury rather than the norm.

Try our vegan meal delivery Toronto and see how tasty and affordable it can be to go vegan. Our goal is to fuel all active lifestyles, regardless of dietary requirements. Up to 80% of fitness success starts with your diet, and we want to support all pursuit of fitness success. With ActivEats, you can enjoy the benefits of our team of a chef, a nutritionist, a food safety specialist, and a fitness consultant in planning and cooking your vegan meals. We design nutritious recipes, cook delicious meals, and deliver food and results.


People’s Choice for Vegan Food Delivery Toronto Service

Toronto is a richly diverse and metropolitan city, which greatly benefits from a vegan food delivery service.

Anyone looking for vegan food throughout the week will be pleased with our vegan menu. Weekly meals start at $99 per week, so Toronto residents can enjoy healthy food daily without having to seek out a new vegan recipe or restaurant every day.

Our vegan food delivery Toronto makes sure that any Toronto resident’s refrigerator can be stocked with healthy vegan food for up to ten days (our food can be stored in the refrigerator for up to ten days and stay fresh!). Our food is never frozen. Microwave- and conventional oven-safe containers means that Torontonians can just heat and eat – without having to worry if they’re consuming food that will not jive well with their bodies, too much sodium, or unhealthy ingredients.


About Toronto

Toronto is a thriving urban centre with just under 3 million in population.  A cultural melting pot, Toronto boasts people of all ethnic backgrounds and heritages. As the capital of Ontario, Toronto sets a shining example of a city dedicated to healthy lifestyles for all its citizens.  With its vast array of trails and greenspaces available to all, you can find Torontonians staying active through walking, jogging, roller-blading or biking throughout the year.  The city of Toronto provides an intensive selection of eco friendly courses for those interested in getting back to nature in its numerous and well-maintained parks and gardens.  If you are a fan of more extreme sports, the city of Toronto boasts skateboard parks galore, not to mention ski hills for those wanting to hit the slopes. Lovers of our national pastime can practice their slapshots at the multitude of indoor and outdoor rinks located around the city. During the warm summer months, citizens of Toronto can keep themselves cool at splash pads and city pools or practice their swing on the award-winning golf courses the city has to offer. The city of Toronto has a well-rounded approach to healthy living, with classes and programs available to learn about the arts, as well as offering camps and after school care programs for it’s littlest residents. With such a strong commitment to healthy living and eating, the delivery of vegan food in Toronto is a perfect match.

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