More and more people are turning to the vegan lifestyle, where they refuse to eat food or use products made from animals.  Whether for ethical or health reasons, more and more people are deciding to adapt the vegan way of life. For those looking to try veganism for the first time, there are so many factors to research and consider that it becomes a daunting task.

For anyone looking to try the vegan diet, or simply looking to maintain their vegan lifestyle, ActivEats vegan food in Markham delivers fresh, savoury vegan recipes right to your door.

To make it easier, ActivEats vegan meal delivery in Markham has divided their vegan meal choices into calorie ranges.  You can try the 1500 calories per day vegan diet if you are looking to get fit, or the 2000 calories per day diet if you are simply looking to maintain your current health.  ActivEats vegan delivery in Markham also offers meals free of gluten AND free of dairy to cater to the specific dietary needs of all of our clients.


Why People Are Afraid to Try Veganism and How ActivEats Vegan Food in Markham will Change Their Mind

When people first consider the vegan lifestyle, they fall victim to the misconceptions portrayed in media and society in general which are:

  • You simply don’t get the nutrients and calories you need in a vegan diet to be healthy.
  • Vegan food is tasteless and bland.
  • It is too expensive to go vegan.

Try our ActivEats Vegan food delivery in Markham for one week and we will disprove every one of these misconceptions. Simply put, vegan diets are good for you, inexpensive and extremely tasty.  Our vegan delivery Markham has worked hard to create delicious vegan recipes in conjunction with our non-vegan food so you can easily give veganism a trial run for a week with our meal sets.

  • Our ActivEats vegan food in Markham is organized into 5 and 7-day packages, with your choice of the number of calories you consume daily (1500 or 2000). Our vegan meal delivery in Markham makes it easy to customize your menu because you can order your meals alone or in different combinations.  This way you can easily order more than a week’s worth of food at a time if needed.
  • You can’t beat the flavour in our vegan food in Markham. From Chia Pudding with Fruits for breakfast, to a Black Bean and Brown Rice Burger for lunch, the flavors will pop and the portions will keep you satisfied and energized all day.
  • Our vegan food in Markham is affordable. At just $99 to try our incredible vegan food in Markham, you can eat for a week on what you would spend on a night out on the town.

Our mission at ActivEats is to serve healthy food that will heartily fuel all dietary needs and lifestyles.  Unless you have a balanced and nutritious diet as the foundation for achieving your fitness goals, you will find it hard to see success.  At ActivEats vegan food in Markham, we want to help you succeed.  Together with our team of specialists, our vegan food in Markham will put you on the path to health and happiness. From the creative recipes prepared by our company chef, to the amazing food approved by our nutritionist, every step in our process guarantees quality food.  Speaking of quality, all of our vegan food in Markham has the check of approval from our food safety specialist AND our fitness consultant.  If you want results, ActivEats vegan food in Markham is the place to start.


ActivEats Vegan Food in Markham Satisfies the Peoples’ Cravings for Quality Vegan Food

Markham is a big city that thinks like a town.  With its “walkable” downtown to its quaint heritage villages, there are plenty of choices for Markhamites to eat, drink and be merry.  The problem is, it is difficult for vegans to find anything on restaurant menus that they can eat, and when they do, the entrees are often very expensive. The remedy?  Call ActivEats vegan food in Markham and enjoy a variety of delicious and healthy vegan recipes for only $99 per week.

Our vegan food in Markham has never seen the inside of a freezer. This means our ActivEats vegan food in Markham is so fresh it will last up to a week and half in your refrigerator.  In addition, our vegan food in Markham is artistically arranged in containers you can safely microwave or bake in the oven. What’s not to like? Spend 5 minutes online ordering our vegan food in Markham and enjoy days of tasty food, no prep or clean up, and enjoy the health benefits of our delectable and nutritious vegan meals.


About Markham

Named by the 1st Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada after his friend, the Archbishop of York, William Markham, Markham is a city full of diverse cultures. Divided by the Don and Rouge Rivers, Markham enjoys nearly 22 km of pathways where you can see its citizens enjoying outdoor pursuits year-round. With 5 fitness centres and 15 community centres, Markhamites keep busy playing all manner of sports and activities.  Home to the Pan Am Centre, a world class sports complex housing a 50 m Olympic sized pool among other amenities, you can see the commitment to movement and health everywhere you look around the growing community. What better compliment to all of this exercise and activity than our ActivEats vegan food in Markham.

The city of Markham also celebrates diversity and the arts with its surplus of museums and theatres.  The FLATO Markham Theatre provides live theatre, concerts and family entertainment, and the McKay Art Centre displays beautiful art for sale by the talented community artists. Annual cultural events include the Night It Up! Night Market and the Taste of Asia, the largest Asian festival in Canada.  With such a focus on food, culture and recreation, our ActivEats vegan food in Markham answers a clear need for more healthy vegan meal delivery in Markham.  Try our vegan food in Markham today and discover your inner vegan.

If you have any question please call us at 1-866-227-3810 or contact us now.

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Select a healthy eating meal package from our wide variety of menus to get started on your journey to better health! All of our healthy meal packages are created by a nutritionist and a personal trainer, meaning that each meal is perfectly balanced, and each package as a whole is designed to deliver targeted training results using the science of sports nutrition. Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, a ActivEats healthy eating meal package will get you there, naturally.
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