Camping is one of the best ways to get back into nature and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced city life. Before going on an outdoor adventure, though, you’ll need to plan for the meals you’ll consume when you’re out in the wilderness. Vegan camping food is one of the best options. What better way is there to connect further to the surrounding nature than to coordinate your meals with the plant kingdom itself? Read on to discover some vegan camping meals and snacks that will help to fuel your adventures.



Pancakes are one of the easiest vegan camping meals to prepare. Although the traditional recipe includes animal products, there are a whole range of different vegan options you can try. For the base, simply mix some flour, salt, water, sugar (or sweetener), and baking powder. Once you’ve fried up your mixture, top it with some healthy fruit for a healthy vegan camping meal at breakfast time. If you don’t have time to get a wide range of products before your trip, be sure to stock up on fruits and vegetables by utilizing some vegetarian delivery services.

Bread and Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is a favorite among a lot of people who follow a vegan diet. Not only is it super easy, it’s also delicious, nutritious and filling. Simply get two slices of your favorite wholemeal bread and dollop a generous amount of peanut butter on top. Now you have one of the best vegan camping foods around.

Scrambled ‘Eggs’

Vegan scrambled eggs can be easily made with either mashed chickpeas or crumbled tofu. To make this vegan camping meal, you’ll need some salt, pepper, and garlic – if packing capacity allows, you may also want to throw in some nutritional yeast and turmeric. If you’re making this meal at the end of your trip, throw in any leftover veggies that need using up, too.


Sweet Potato Fajitas

Sweet Potato Fajitas are a great choice of vegan camping food as they don’t require utensils – the less washing up to do the better! To prepare this recipe you’ll need some onions, peppers, sweet potatoes (sliced into thin strips), chilli powder, cumin, and salt. While you fry the onions and peppers, grill the sweet potatoes (pre-marinated in oil and spices) on your campfire. Once everything is ready, wrap them in a fajita and enjoy your healthy vegan camping meal. 

Grilled Vegetable Kebabs

If you have a campfire or BBQ at your disposal, vegetable kebabs will be your best friend when it comes to vegan camping meals. All you need are some skewers and your favorite choice of vegetables. A good base for the kebabs can be made up of onions, peppers, and zucchini, but you can add any vegetables that you desire and mix and match them to find your perfect combination. For a smoky twist, try coating with a light dusting of salt and smoked paprika.

Corn on the Cob

In terms of simplicity, this is up there with peanut butter sandwiches when it comes to vegan camping food. For the easiest method, coat the corn with olive oil and place it on the campfire grill until it starts to crisp around the edges. For a softer texture, you can also wrap the corn in foil along with your desired seasoning.


Veggie Burgers

If you have time for preparation before you go away, veggie burgers can be a great option for vegan camping food as they are easily portable and are packed with a wide array of nutrients. These can be made in a variety of ways and consist of blended or finely diced ingredients mixed together. Try experimenting with some red onion, chickpeas, nuts, peppers, and seasoning. This will give you a wholesome vegan camping meal that can be grilled up in no time.

Veggie Packs

Veggie packs are incredibly simple and can be made to tailor a person’s tastes and needs. The concept is simple, chop up your favorite vegetables (potatoes, garlic, and onions are good options) and wrap them up in some foil with some seasoning to make a parcel of veggies. Place them on your campfire and leave them to cook softly until they reach your desired tenderness.

1-Pot Lentil Soup

One-pot meals are a camper’s dream. They are simple, tasty, and require little cleaning afterwards. This lentil soup can be made with a base of carrots, celery, potatoes, and onions. Other vegetables can be added as desired. Once these ingredients are finely chopped and placed into a large pot of water, add some salt, pepper, and a cup of lentils for a hearty and flavorsome vegan camping meal. 


Banana Boats

A classic vegan camping food is the banana boat. It is a sweet, luxurious, and wholesome dessert that is easy to prepare and requires minimal effort. Simply slice the skin of a banana lengthwise and add your favorite vegan topping – dark chocolate, syrup, nut butter, etc. Then wrap it in foil and let it cook gently on the campfire for 10 to 15 minutes.

Smoky Campfire Popcorn

For those who prefer a savory dessert, try tossing some popcorn kernels with a bit of salt, oil, chilli, and smoked paprika. Place them in your camping cooking pot (or wrap tightly in foil), cover with the lid, and leave them on the campfire until you hear them popping with the heat. For an extra wholesome and savory flavor, toss them in nutritional yeast once ready. 

Vegan Camping Food FAQs

What vegan food to bring when I go camping?

When going on a vegan camping trip, there are a whole host of food options that you can pack to bring. If you’re packing light, bring some basic supplies such as wholemeal bread, peanut butter, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. If you’re able to pack cooking utensils, make sure to remember some basic seasonings to prepare some more extravagant meals.

What are some easy vegan camping meals?

Some of the easiest vegan camping meals may also turn out to be the tastiest. For a healthy vegan snack, have a simple bread and peanut sandwich. For something a bit more nutritious, place some chopped vegetables on a skewer and roast them on the campfire for a healthy kebab.

How to make your own vegan camping food?

To make your own vegan camping food from scratch, you’ll need to remember to bring a few basic cooking essentials. Pack a pot, a mixing spoon, some seasoning, and a range of produce. If you’re preparing a soup, you may need to pack some drinking water if there is no freshwater source nearby.

What is vegan freeze-dried camping food?

Freeze-dried camping foods are vacuum packed pre-prepared meals that can save a lot of time if you’re in a hurry or have a quick desire to sate your hunger. The packets simply require a person to add water to the mixture before eating. Popular vegan choices include red beans and rice, herbed mushroom risotto, and flavored oatmeal. 

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