Toronto Organic Food Delivery
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Making adventurous organic meals can be fun, sure. But not everybody has the time, or energy, to source the ingredients required to do so. Luckily, there is a solution – organic food delivery services. These companies will provide you with an array of perfectly portioned meal plans that will cut both time and stress from your evening food regime.

In Toronto, there are a number of different companies to choose from that provide this service. Read on for some Toronto organic food delivery options.

Fresh City Farms

Fresh City Farms has stores on Roncesvalles and Ossington, as well as an online delivery service. The company was founded by Ran Goel in 2011 with the aim of delivering bags of organic produce grown on the Fresh City farm. It has now grown into a large scale operation with a huge array of organic meal delivery options and different ingredients available.

Popular choices include their vegan taco mixes with quinoa, gluten-free salads, and organic Ontario beef. There is also the option of ordering DIY fermentation kits for those who want to experiment with sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi. Fresh City Farms is a great addition to Toronto’s organic food delivery scene, and nicely compliments the array of organic food stores in Toronto

Mama Earth Organics

Mama Earth Organics is a company aiming to support local food system initiatives in Toronto. They have close relationships with around 60 local farmers and are widely known for the quality of the food baskets that they provide. They provide fully customizable organic produce baskets and homemade meals that change weekly based on the seasonal farm produce.

Not only is the outlet one of the best options for organic food delivery in Toronto, it is also one of the most environmentally-friendly and ethically minded choices – the company is part ofseveral initiatives that aim to preserve local farmland and biodiversity. 

Zephyr Organics

Zephyr Organics is a third-generation family-owned farm share that provides wholesome, organic foods that are grown on their farm in an environmental and ethical manner. Their Simply Six Share service is perfect for small families who are looking for fresh organic food, and it can either be collected from the farm or delivered at home.

Their produce is seasonal, and availability is subject to the weather. Yet, with over 100 acres of organic vegetables and fruits, there is always a healthy choice available for consumers looking for the best Toronto organic food delivery services.

Plan B Organic Farms

Plan B Organic Farms is a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) project that was established in 1997 and is a verified organic establishment as per the OCCP/Pro-Cert Canada Inc. requirements. It is one of the options for organic food delivery in Toronto and provides a wide range of high-quality vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Plan B Organic Farms works in cooperation with local farmers and offers customers access to fresh, affordable organic produce throughout the region. They offer home delivery and local pickup options.


FoodShare is a non-profit organization based in Toronto that partners with local gardens, markets, communities, and urban agriculture projects in order to empower local residents to make informed, healthy decisions about their food.

FoodShare led over 1,000 community led projects in Toronto in 2018 and distributed over 1.5 million lbs of fresh fruits and vegetables. For over 30 years, FoodShare have been offering a Good Food Box that contains the best locally grown produce to local people’s homes. Dy doing this, they have promoted healthy eating in the community and have cemented themselves as an elite member of the Toronto organic food delivery scene.


BlossomPure was established in 2002 by Fahim Alwan, who had a vision to promote good health through healthy organic eating. The organization has links with local organic and sustainable farms that provide high-quality produce with a low carbon footprint.

They have a store located in Etobicoke, in addition to an online local delivery service. There is a minimum order and delivery charge that is dependent on the distance from the farm. For organic delivery in Toronto, BlossomPure is among the best.  

Why Choose Organic Food?

Electing for organic food choices is not only a matter of getting fresh and tasty produce, and there are several reasons why an individual should consider going organic. The following list provides some of the main advantages.

·        Fewer pesticides. In non-organic farming, around 300 pesticides are routinely used to control crop diseases and kill weeds and insects. Yet, these pesticides don’t just directly target the pest. In fact, they have a damaging impact on the entire local biodiversity and can lead to contaminated water sources and the poisoning of wildlife.

·        No artificial colors and preservatives. Under organic standards artificial food colors, hydrogenated fats, and preservatives are prohibited. This means that the products you receive are in their natural form.

·        Higher quality nutrients. Not only is organic food better for the environment and animal welfare, it is also beneficial to our health. Research has shown that organic crops contain higher quantities of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids than crops grown from conventional farm practices.

Toronto Organic Food Delivery FAQs

Who sells organic food in Toronto?

There are a number of different organic food stores and services in Toronto. For organic delivery services, local residents can choose from Fresh City Farms, Zephyr Organics, and Mama Earth Organics, among others. 

Where can I buy organic food in Toronto?

On top of Toronto’s organic food delivery services, there are also a number of organic stores that offer high-quality produce. Popular options include The Sweet Potato, Essence of Life Organics, and Raise the Root Organic Market.

What meal delivery companies use organic food?

Several meal delivery companies use organic food. In Toronto, residents have the option of ordering organic food from Food Share, Plan B Organic Farms, and BlossomPure.

Which mail delivery food service uses the most organic foods?

In Toronto, most of the mail delivery food services for organic foods are dedicated to providing local, fresh and tasty produce. The fruits, vegetables, and herbs provided will vary depending on the time of year and the outlet’s location. 

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