Achieving your goals is important in order to grow in life. It feels good when you get going, but maintaining the focus can be half the battle. Set action goals. It’s not enough to just say you want to lose weight. Set out your actions goals that will make hitting your overall goals so easy! Write down 3 action goals and each day look at them. Each day try and think to yourself, am I on top of my to-dos? If not, do what you need to get back on track to end the week on a positive note

You see yourself every day.  Are you really in tune with the progress your body is making? Most likely not. It’s difficult to notice progress when you see yourself slow progress every day when you look in the mirror. Tracking progression is a huge incentive to stay on track. Take a picture of yourself every 2-3 weeks and continue to track your progression!

Cutting back on your food or cutting certain foods out completely just won’t cut it for losing weight. You’ll feel deprived and miserable. Cravings will pop up, your metabolism will fall and before you know it you’ve got your face in a bag of chips, grease on your hands and all the weight you lost has found its way back.

Instead of worrying about eating less, worry about eating more of the foods that are good for you. Replace one meal this week with a healthier option… each day. Make slow swaps in your diet. Love chips? Just choose moderation and stick to the right portions. Love lattes? Go with for a fat free latte with one pump of your favourite flavouring. Trust me, these small changes can make a huge impact.

Use Performance Food as a way to track your required calorie intake. Performance Food is a company focused on healthy eating, healthy living, and improvement of body & mind.  A great feature about subscribing to Performance Food’s meal packages is the nutritional and caloric information that they provide. Having such information makes it easier to calorie count, and mentally know how much nutritional value is in each meal.

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