When you’re not in the routine of it, exercising can seem like a chore. As you work your body more consistently, you begin to crave the feeling your body gets after a good sweat. If you’re trying to get into the routine of staying fit, here are a couple ways to get into your groove.

Visualize your goals!

Think of your fitness goals. Imagine yourself standing in the mirror, looking at a leaner version of yourself. Imagine feeling full of energy, free of illness, and more fun loving throughout the day. Visualizing where you want to be helps out a ton with motivating yourself to go out there and achieve those goals.

Master the art of portion control.

Portion control is huge when you’re trying to lose weight. Cutting out foods that you love completely is a hard task, and quite frankly not very practical. Allow yourself to continue to snack and dine out, but be mindful of the kinds of foods that you’re eating, and how much. If you have a piece of cake at night, make sure you don’t eat a huge portion, and counter that with some healthy snacks the next day.

Another tip:  Snack throughout the day to keep up energy. Keep healthy food around you. Making sure the snacks are in reasonable portion sizes is also key, so that you’re not mindlessly snacking all day.

Utilize Performance Food meal programs.

Performance Food offers multiple programs that focus on a variety of different nutritional styles. With meal packages such as super fit, you’re able to get a 7 day/ week plan that focuses on the proper calorie intake for you, all the while giving you healthy meals prepared by chefs and nationalists. Performance Food’s targeted calorie intake is designed to help people with cutting, bulking or other calorie focused diets.

Start doing exercises that you enjoy

It’s tough to be consistently working physically at something you don’t even enjoy. Find the workouts that you’re happy doing. Whether it’s boxing, playing basketball or going for a run, these activities will engage you physically, and serve as a great spot to start getting healthy.

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