Let’s face it our days are packed with activities from when you get up in the morning to when you hit the hay late at night. Often, on a busy schedule like this it can be hard to accomplish personal goals you’ve set for yourself. So what can you do to get in that hour of reading or quality time spent painting?

At home workouts

You can lose weight or bulk up all in the privacy of your home. It may not have the variety in equipment of a gym but you’ll be surprised at all you can accomplish with just a few dumbbells or weights. Plus you’re bound to save a trip to the gym and back, as well as time spent packing your clothes and an after-workout meal. Here you’re free to sweat it out in solitude or bring the house down with your favourite workout songs. You can do the classic push ups, curls and planks to start and then move on to more complex exercises such as chest flys with a wet towel.

Bulk planning

Now one thing you could do is plan everything well ahead of time such as what days to go to the grocery store and exactly what to buy so you don’t end up making multiple trips. However, if that just sounds like more work you could try to order in food from a premium healthy food service such as performance food. It’s easy! Just choose a menu for your goals, have it delivered to your door and enjoy a nutritious balanced meal. On top of saving time, going on a weekly plan can also save you a lot of money! Think about it as buying in bulk but instead of getting all of the same product you get a variety of your choice.

Let go of the “All or Nothing” mentality

In some ways we are hardwired to think in this way. In dangerous situations that our ancestors faced, quick decision making was often required and “almost” escaping a predator or finding food offered little benefit. However nowadays it can advantageous to adopt a more nuanced, incremental approach. It’s much more convenient to move the needle forward on any project through small, gradual change. So don’t worry if you missed one or two days of working out, it doesn’t mean your fitness plans are doomed and you should just give up. Just get back into it as soon as possible!

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