Choose what products fit your lifestyle and diet preferences



We cook your meals fresh and deliver them to your door. You save 6-10 hours a week on groceries and cooking.



Enjoy your meals! You can choose to pair with your workouts for even greater results.


save 6-10 hours a week on meal planning, groceries, and cooking.
tailored to your lifestyle and dietary needs. Vegan meals, and meals free of gluten or dairy
28 different meals within 2 weeks so you don’t get bored.
Meals designed by our certified nutritionist and cooked by our brand chef.
balance micro and macro nutrients in each meal. Balanced sodium (salt) levels per RDA recommendation.
great value- breakfasts starting at $7 and main courses from $10.85.

ActivEats Meal Delivery in Brampton for a Healthier You

Let’s face it.  Our lives are busier than ever.  With our ever-changing economy and fast-paced world it is becoming impossible to put ourselves first before everything and everyone who needs us.  If you are looking to find balance in your life through healthy eating but are struggling to do so, ActivEats meal delivery in Brampton is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our healthy meal delivery in Brampton delivers meals to your door that are specially designed to nurture your body. Not only does our meal delivery in Brampton supply you with the nutrients and vitamins necessary to maintain a fit lifestyle but our meal delivery service in Brampton also lightens your load and helps you maintain a positive outlook on life. ActivEats healthy food delivery Brampton doesn’t skimp on taste either, you will love our scrumptious recipes made from our farm fresh food, that arrives pre-cooked and ready to heat.  ActivEats is simply the best meal delivery service in Brampton to help you achieve a fitter, more fabulous you.


Why ActivEats Meal Delivery in Brampton and Not Our Competitors?

You are what you eat.  You’ve heard it before, but its not just a saying.  Scientifically, the basis for every fitness and lifestyle plan is a nutritious diet packed with taste and variety. ActivEats healthy meal delivery in Brampton has assembled a crack team of experts to help you on your quest to fitness. Our healthy meal delivery in Brampton has recipes developed by a chef, analysed by a nutritionist, signed off on by a food safety specialist and recommended by a fitness expert.

At ActivEats meal delivery Brampton our goal is to help you realize your fitness goals. If you pair consistent and energizing movement with our scrumptious meal delivery in Brampton you will be a fitter, healthier version of yourself. Our healthy food delivery in Brampton is organized into convenient meal packages that allow you to pick your required daily calories.  Because our meal delivery Brampton is strategically located across Brampton you have the option to order door-to-door delivery or pick up at any of our handy Penguin Pickup locations.

How much will you love our ActivEats meal delivery in Brampton?  Let us count the ways:

  • Looking for vegan, gluten or dairy-free food? ActivEats meal delivery in Brampton has you covered.
  • Always tempted to eat too much at one sitting? Our healthy meal delivery Brampton is pre-portioned so you get exactly what you need.  No fuss, no muss….no waste!
  • With our ActivEats meal delivery in brampton we plan our recipes to match your caloric requirements so you don’t have to do any pesky calculations!
  • No dishes.   I’ll give you time to let that sink in. Our meal delivery in Brampton arrives at your door in oven-safe and microwave-safe containers that eliminate all your prep and clean up.
  • Stop with the diet fads! They take too much time and will not get you the results you need.  Eat our healthy meal delivery in Brampton and focus on things that make you happy, like how good you will look!
  • Quality is our mantra, and our food safety specialist puts their stamp of approval on every meal that we send you with our meal delivery in Brampton.
  • Why cook when ActivEats meal delivery Brampton can cook for you?


Results Are Our Specialty at ActivEats Meal Delivery Brampton

ActivEats has a brand-new facility that boasts a state-of-the-art kitchen.  All of the food delivered through our meal delivery in Brampton is carefully monitored and assessed during every stage of the assembly process. Our meal delivery in Brampton prides itself on:

  • Cooking with sunflower oil to meet the strict requirements our nutritionist has outlined for us.
  • Ramping up the taste of our low-sodium meals with sea salt.
  • Creating scrumptious food that is also preservative and additive free. Did we mention there is no food coloring in any of our food? Not even a little.

Losing weight and getting healthy can be overwhelming.  With so many things to focus on, remember to set small, realistic goals that are attainable.  Changing your eating habits to ActivEats Healthy Meal Delivery in Brampton is the first step to a stronger, leaner, more vibrant you.


The People of Brampton Have Spoken, and They’ve Picked ActivEats Healthy Meal Delivery in Brampton

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers.  The key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is first and foremost cutting back on stress and finding time for you.  Brampton, Ontario is the perfect place to do this.  With a population of nearly 600,000, Brampton is the second fastest growing city in Canada, and was once called the “Flower Town of Canada” according to the city’s website.  Comprised of over 200 different cultures, its citizens enjoy a rich variety of arts and activities; from the annual CELEBRAMPTON community festival to their participation in the “National Communities in Bloom” competition.

Is it any wonder that ActivEats healthy meal delivery Brampton is such a great fit for this vibrant community? Bramptonians enjoy a huge selection of activities and facilities offered by their city.  With over 25 community centres, there is no shortage of opportunity for its citizens to pair sports and recreation with our healthy meal delivery in Brampton. With over 250 parks and heritage lands you can see healthy living and active lifestyles being modelled daily by family’s roller-blading through the parks or playing at any one of the over 9 splash pads in the hot summers.

The city of Brampton boasts an economy that is growing exponentially, and with it the food and beverage industry.  With so many things to do and places to go, it becomes easier to take advantage of eating out instead of cooking healthy meals.  This of course is not good for either your waistline or your pocket book.

ActivEats healthy food delivery in Brampton saves you money and time by delivering succulent food, in tasty recipes, right to your door for as little as $99 weekly.  Better yet, our food will last for up to ten days in the fridge.  Never frozen, and always pre-cooked to save you time, our healthy meal delivery in Brampton ensures you get the vitamins and minerals you need, along with the correct balance of carbs, proteins and fats to give you long-lasting energy for your days and nights.  Say hello to a healthier you through our healthy meal delivery Brampton and get started on your new you today.

All you have to do is pick up the phone, answer the door, heat your meal up, and enjoy! In this crazy world of uncertainty, use our ActivEats healthy meal delivery in Brampton to ease your stress and help you create a healthier, more balanced you.  What are you waiting for?  Call ActivEats Healthy Meal Delivery in Brampton today, it truly is the best meal delivery Brampton has to offer.

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