Choose what products fit your lifestyle and diet preferences



We cook your meals fresh and deliver them to your door. You save 6-10 hours a week on groceries and cooking.



Enjoy your meals! You can choose to pair with your workouts for even greater results.


save 6-10 hours a week on meal planning, groceries, and cooking.
tailored to your lifestyle and dietary needs. Vegan meals, and meals free of gluten or dairy
28 different meals within 2 weeks so you don’t get bored.
Meals designed by our certified nutritionist and cooked by our brand chef.
balance micro and macro nutrients in each meal. Balanced sodium (salt) levels per RDA recommendation.
great value- breakfasts starting at $7 and main courses from $10.85.

Looking for fresh food that is also free of gluten? ActivEats gluten free delivery in Vaughan delivers tasty food that is pre-cooked and previously portioned, designed to promote healthy habits. Your meals ordered through our ActivEats gluten free delivery in Vaughan is fresh, nutritious and free of gluten to meet your specific dietary needs.

Gluten is found in most cereal grains.  A composite of two proteins, gluten is the substance that allows bread to rise and give dough that stretchy, elastic feel.  Found in rye, barley, wheat and other grains, most people are not affected by gluten. Some people however, can not tolerate gluten and must refrain from eating it.  This is where our gluten free delivery in Vaughan comes in.

In order to be considered gluten free, food must only contain trace elements of gluten, roughly 20 parts per million.  At ActivEats gluten free meal delivery in Vaughan, all of our free of gluten recipes are created with non-gluten containing ingredients, but it is important to note we are not a gluten free facility.  Our gluten free food delivery in Vaughan develops its free of gluten meals alongside its regular meal plans, so it is easy for you to test our gluten free menu and savour the taste of our meals.


If You Want to Dine Gluten Free, ActivEats Gluten Free Delivery Vaughan is Your Best Bet

ActivEats gluten free delivery Vaughan caters to our gluten free clients by offering entrees free of gluten.  Order our gluten free delivery Vaughan and choose between our Fit menu plan, which is categorized at 1200 daily calories, or our Balance plan, which is categorized at 1500 calories per day. If dairy is not for you, our gluten free delivery in Vaughan also creates meals free of dairy, so we can meet the various needs of all of our clients.

The link between healthy eating and a healthy body has been proven time and time again. At ActivEats gluten free delivery in Vaughan, we want to provide the dietary basis for your fitness plan.  Whatever your fitness goals are, our gluten free meal delivery in Vaughan wants to be one more step on the ladder to achieving your goals. Between our talented chef and expert nutritionist, you can expect fantastic taste loaded with macro and micro nutrients in every bite.  The food at our gluten free delivery in Vaughan then has to pass muster in front of our food safety specialist, and finally our fitness consultant ensures that it has the right calorie count and content to fuel your lifestyle.


Why Everyone is Talking About ActivEats Gluten Free Delivery in Vaughan

Vaughan is a bustling community north of Toronto that has a thriving economy and booming restaurant industry.  As people get caught up in their busy lives, it becomes nearly impossible to find time for cooking healthy gluten free meals at home.  Most often, people grab food on the go, or dine out at restaurants, but it can be difficult to eat gluten free when you are out and about, and let’s not even talk about the price!

So why not give ActivEats gluten free delivery in Vaughan a try.  For as low as $99 each week you can try our tasty free of gluten menu, which you will also find with a dairy free option.

Order our gluten free delivery in Vaughan and feel confident and secure you are eating food that your body can tolerate and enjoy.  Always fresh as the day it was picked, our food has never seen the inside of a freezer.  Our food delivered through our gluten free delivery Vaughan is packaged in handy containers that allows you to heat them in either the microwave or the oven.  And did we mention the food will stay fresh in your refrigerator for well over a week? That’s right, 30 seconds online, and you can order 10 days of yummy food free of gluten. Why wait, check out our ActivEats gluten free delivery in Vaughan today!


About Vaughan

Vaughan is a busy city located 25 minutes from downtown Toronto. With a population of 335,000 people and a thriving economy, there are always things to do and places to go.  The people of Vaughan enjoy going to Canada’s Wonderland, one of the largest theme parks in the world, and boasting 16 roller coasters. When not braving the rides at amusement parks, you can find the city’s residents enjoying their recreational time as they make use of nearly 10,000 acres of green space interspersed throughout the city.

Vaughan possesses 8 public and private golf courses, as well as 10 community centres.  From hitting the green, to hitting slapshots, there are always opportunities to get out, get moving and get fit.  The Humber Trail weaves its way through Vaughan, providing a fantastic landscape to walk, hike, jog or mountain bike.  If cultural activities are more your style, Vaughan has many annual heritage celebrations, like the Woodbridge Fair or the Binder Twine Festival held in Kleinburg. With all of these activities, it is obvious Vaughan is a hotbed for healthy living and active lifestyles.  What better fit than our ActivEats gluten free delivery in Vaughan for your dietary needs!

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