A popular complaint on poorly-made pizzas is that the crust tastes like paper. Coincidentally, a common complaint (and undeserved as of recent years) on gluten-free goods is that they taste like paper. For the pizza lover who has celiac, gluten sensitivities, or simply changed to a gluten-free diet, the rise of the best gluten-free pizzerias in Toronto is nothing short of an awesome thing.


ActivEats offers a line of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners made without gluten or dairy ingredients. Gluten-free pizzas are not included in our meal sets; instead, our calorie-per-day packages offer just the right amount of macro and micro nutrients every day along with balanced sodium with other delicious entrees like General Tso’s Cauliflower and No Butter Chicken with Pilaf made without gluten or dairy. We want to note that although we offer meals that are free of gluten and dairy, our facility is not certified gluten-free.


For those in Toronto who consider pizza a major food group and require it gluten-free, below is a list of the best gluten-free pizzas in Toronto.


A Few of Toronto’s Best Gluten-Free Pizza

  1. Pi Co.: With gluten-free dough made in-house, Pi Co. boasts one of the best gluten-free pizzas in Toronto. Their aptly and cleverly named “Gluten Free-za” is still chewy and customizable with your choice of toppings. Considered a quick serve restaurant, this best gluten-free pizzeria in Toronto can turn around a finished pizza in ten minutes from the moment you order. However, if you do have severe allergies or celiac, as the oven is shared with non-gluten-free items so there is a chance of cross contamination. Still, in terms of texture and deliciousness, Pi Co. sits as one of Toronto’s Best Gluten-Free Pizza spots with their high quality, made-to-order Neapolitan-style pizzas. Pi Co. has six locations across Toronto and Kitchener, and four more coming soon.
Taken from BlogTO
  1. Pizza Libretto: Known for their local food and beverage partnerships, high quality ingredients, and embracing all sorts of dining sensitivities in their customers, Pizzeria Libretto cements itself as one of Toronto’s best gluten-free pizzas. Their belief is to offer products that fit every diet and every budget. Chef Rocco offers one of the best gluten-free pizza and overall pizza experiences in Toronto. They offer gluten-free, dairy free, nut-free, vegetarian and vegan items. There are five locations across Toronto – with four of them being dine-in and the fifth location reserved for takeout and delivery only so you can have one of Toronto’s best gluten-free pizza to go.


  1. Il Fornello: Il Fornello has stood the test of time as being one of Toronto’s best pizzerias and Italian restaurants. Since the introduction of their gluten-free pizzas, they’ve also earned the title of having Toronto’s best gluten-free pizza. Il Fornello was not only the first restaurant to bring wood-overn baked pizza across the Atlantic Ocean, this Toronto gem is also the first to offer gluten-free pasta and pizza crusts. Il Fornello has locations in Ajax, Bayview, Danforth, King West, Oakville and Richmond Hill. Take your pick, and enjoy one of Toronto’s best gluten-free pizzas.
Taken from Il Fornello’s Official Website
  1. Pizzaville: It might be a surprise to learn that Pizzaville, a popular fast-food pizza chain, a pioneer in offering gluten-free pizza to Toronto. To minimize cross-contamination, they use dedicated utensils for gluten-free crust pizzas; utensils enclosed in a glass display to minimize exposure to flour and other gluten ingredients and toppings; and gluten-free pizza crusts baked on a special screen designated for gluten-free pizza use only. Pizzaville’s gluten-free crusts are prepared in a dedicated gluten-free facility. It’s made with flaxseed and boasts freedom from other allergens – it’s transfat free, lactose free, soy free, corn free and wheat free. It does contain yeast. It is also high in fibre! They even provide an allergen chart to ensure that customers make informed decisions when ordering. Pizzaville is, hands-down, one of Toronto’s best gluten-free pizza spots.


  1. Famoso: A national brand with locations in Toronto, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria is another one of Toronto’s best gluten-free pizza spots. Their gluten-free dough is delicious and even their toppings are gluten-free! As always, flagging that you are allergic to gluten or have an intolerance helps the team at Famoso prepare your pizza while keeping it away from contaminants.


ActivEats takes care of all other food groups

ActivEats’ weekly meal sets ensure that you eat your vegetables and legumes; fruits; grains; lean meats; and dairy alternatives. We take care of all your major food groups daily. With fourteen days of no-repeat lunches and dinners, you will not get bored with your meals. Made without gluten or dairy, our meal sets are friendly to those with celiac, intolerances, or just choosing to cut out gluten (and even dairy) from their diets.


Pursue your fitness goals – whether that’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or just eating healthy everyday – while still maintaining a die that’s rid of gluten and dairy. We might not have gluten-free pizza for Toronto, but we do offer daily meals that are already pre-cooked. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals are all taken care of for you! Delicious, fresh and made with only high quality ingredients, we provide a menu that has poultry, fish, vegetables, and even fruits, grains, and so much more good stuff without gluten or dairy ingredients. If pizza is a major food group to you, we recommend checking out any one of the  best gluten-free pizza places in our list above. For everything else, we can guarantee that ActivEats has your daily meals covered! Gluten-free diet followers can enjoy meals that are free of gluten and dairy without ever getting bored. You might not even miss gluten-free pizza with all the good stuff we have in our 1500 and 2000 calorie meal sets for you!

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